My name is Dusty Otis, I have been married for 13+ years to my amazing wife, Heather, and we have three kids: Oscar, Kaz, and Lainey. We currently live in Detroit, Michigan, where we are making a difference by serving our city.

I enjoy spending free time with my family and I am passionate about helping people. One of my strengths is to encourage and inspire people to move forward in their personal life, it is why I started coaching.

I believe structure and discipline improve everyone’s length and quality of life. We are all three parts whole, and I believe building balance physically, spiritually, and emotionally is what improves our daily performance. When we live balanced lives, we live life more fulfilled.

My Experience:

I studied Health and Human Performance at the University of Central Oklahoma, I am an Ordained Pastor, and I am currently certified through the NSCA, USAW, NESTA, NGA, and NFPA. I spent 15 years as a high school strength coach and found my passion 6 years ago when I stepped into full-time ministry. Getting to help people is what motivates me every day.

My experience in coaching, mentoring, and training, doesn’t compare to what it’s like when I get to be a part of someone’s personal development. Working with you is more than an email or conversation, it’s a friendship, and I am committed to making the most of every interaction we have.